Hi there Dr Grove,

My husband had the Robotic colon surgery with you, in mid-April…he recovered from it remarkably…and we have spread the word that it was the most simplest way to go for colon surgery with any one with Diverticulitis…and that you’re the very best doctor recommendation, on the West coast.  Hubby has done well, since it was done in mid-April…no more pain problems!  Thank you for your expertise in Robotic surgery.  We hope to send more patients your way!

F C. Cummings

Dr. Grove’s expertise allowed me at age 66 to walk into the hospital, have him guide a robot to move a third of my stomach from above my diaphragm to his rightful location, to walk out the hospital the next day with no bandages or dressings–just 5 abdominal slits super-glued back together, and no need for prescription pain meds. This surgery was nothing short of miraculous! I thought I would need to go to LA to have such a state-of-the art experience; but was able to do it at Palomar Hospital. Should I ever need more surgery–ROBOTICS with Dr. Grove will be my first choice.

Karen Jobe

Dr. Hanna was a fantastic doctor.  Procedure went very well.  It was easier than expected and Dr. Hanna helped with anxiety.  I would refer her to anyone needing hernia surgery.  I consider myself very lucky to have a great surgeon.

Frances Bettis