Welcome to John’s Journey!

This is John. He came to us weighing 600 lbs wanting surgery as all other weight loss attempts had failed. He has terrible knee problems and hasn’t been able to work for a long time. His extreme weight made surgery too risky and we asked him to try our non surgical Robard New Direction program. John lost 86 lbs!! in a little over 3 months by using the meal replacements. He also started chair Yoga with Diane in our clinic and did pool exercises at Tri City Wellness Center and during those 3 months he completed all the education and medical requirements for surgery. He had a Gastric Bypass March 10th and had NO complications. In follow up he is now down to 487 lbs for a total of 113 lbs. He has done everything we have asked and has been successful although we know he still has a long way to go. Cheer him on and I will update this site with his progress.